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"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."    Nikola Tesla


Each person has specific spiritual path. All of us learn through different experiences, yet all of us, deep down, are God-Seekers. All of us are searching for the Truth  about ourselves.  
Path of awareness   represents movement towards the Truth about oneself.  
Beside the urge for self-preservation and sexual drive, people have the third and the most important urge - urge for self–realization.
There are endless number of techniques for self-exploration and self-realization. 
Meditation is main (but not only) way of maturing consciousness.
Ancient civilizations , trough thousands of years developed many  powerful systems of rising  awareness - by way of living, meditating, praying and exercising (Yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong, Reiki, Aikido etc.)
There are artists (writers,composers, pianists, painters and sculptors) and  scientist who reached highest spiritual insights by surrendering the process of creation.
Today we can find so many “new” systems for improving consciousness, psychological techniques  and numerous ways of alternative healing. 
 In this endless ocean of information it is easy to get lost and misguided, this is why choosing teacher is such a delicate moment.

About me

I was born and raised in a beautiful town Senta, Serbia, in loving and caring family that values truthfulness, compassion, art, education, sport spirit and open-mindedness. Since really young I have shown interest for astrology, massage and hypnosis, and later for philosophy, metaphysics, numerology and christalotheraphy.
Years ago, while I was still studying to become a dentist , I started practicing meditation. That has transformed me deep inside and changed every aspect of my life (health, relationships, studding and exams)   Soon I became Doctor of Dental Medicine. Meditation and Reiki helped me so much in my work in dental office dealing with patients, their fear, different personalities and challenging cases.
Today, no work is more important and has more meaning to me than awaking others. I am Meditation Teacher, Qigong Instructor and Reiki Teacher. 
Since I started teaching, my life got new wider purpose. Helping others was always something natural for me, but what even has more sense now is teaching people how to help themselves, showing them true power they have. I have been witness of my own life transformation, I have seen my friends and family spiritual transformation. We are today healthier, happier and more successful people. 
Since I arrived to USA in 2014. , my mission here has been to spread universal knowledge and ancient wisdom in order to motivate people to reach inner harmony  and develop their spiritual potentials. 
Transformation of  Individual Consciousness is leading to transformation of Collective Consciousness and vice versa. Single person as well as civilization first need to detoxify of  all negative energies,destructive programs,emotions and thoughts and face all subconscious, hidden drives. When we accept to change with open mind and open heart, when we give up on all sufficient,when we give up on ego-driven concepts and prejudices, we are ready to embrace our true nature of Love,Wisdom and Power. 
Ghandi said :"Be the change you want to see in the world."

My Teachers


I still remember my beginnings and the day when I met my spiritual teacher Zoran Gruicic. It is extraordinary joy when you see the whole new world is opening  in front of you, giving your life  new meaning and new purpose. I am very grateful to Zoran, who was giving me so much knowledge and support through all these years. He is spiritual authority in Europe, he has decades of experience in healing, holding seminars and teaching meditation.Three of his 9 books are translated in English and can be found on Amazon(“Developing Leader-Awareness” ,“Creative Empathy” and "Bliss" )   

Zoran created IMT system of meditation that has been practiced by thousands of his students, mainly in Europe, but today IMT is practiced all over the World.
IMT( Integral Meditative Technique)is tested by a few psychology researches and proven to give significant influence on developing self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, social skills and improving life satisfaction.
Texts about meditation and self-realization on this web sight originate from Zoran's books and teachings. Find more about Zoran Gruicic and his work on the web sight 
Another important teacher that I have blessed to meet is Rigo Mihalj. He is teaching Karate, IMT Meditation, Tai Chi  and Reiki. Mihalj made me fall in love with Tai Chi and Qigong and he initiated me in Reiki (1st, 2nd and 3rd Master level) It made huge  impact on my energy work and provided me with more efficient ways of healing and self–healing powers. Mihalj is the most powerful Reiki teacher I have ever met and yet, the most humble one. He is always here for me as true friend.
Thank you Teachers for presence in my life,for all guidance, support and love. Thank you for showing me the path with your own example.
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