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IMT is unique among techniques of meditation distinguished by its wholeness, universality and efficiency. Practicing IMT, mind becomes relieved of redundant thoughts; it easily comes to a state of conscious rest. It turns inwards to Source of unlimited Love, Wisdom and Power.
Integral Meditative Technique is created by Zoran Gruicic who achieved self-realization and became one of a few enlightened living Teachers today. IMT system of meditation is developed after decades of spiritual practice in healing, teaching, testing and improving  this system of meditation.
There are many systems of what is called meditation that attempt to refine the mind by controlling it or making it numb. Some of systems can give improvement in the beginning, but eventually, after years of practicing, meditators remain “stuck” on same spiritual level. Some systems provide some spiritual development, but it is too slow.   IMT helps us with channeling the mind and transcending our minds through awareness. That eliminates all obstacles to experience the eternal state of Reality (I am Reality, I am Absolute, I am THAT)
What IMT teaches is not religion, philosophy, cult, magic or lifestyle. We don’t require that people adhere to strict policies and beliefs. We support each person’s unique path.
Learning meditation will get you a powerful tool for self (exploration), self(healing) and (self)realization. It is always up to you how you are going to use it. Possibilities are limitless as long as they are aligning with the will of the Universe.
By practicing IMT meditation you can practically learn how to lower your brainwaves deeper than in state of sleep. You will learn how to heal yourself and others, synchronize function of seven main chakras, mature your Aura and Soul, how to eliminate emotional scars, open third eye and develop intuition as well as mental vision of organs, energies and other dimensions.You will learn  how to transform negative energies, emotions and thoughts, how to reprogram karma and influence all aspects of your life. Meditation can be used for (self) healing organs, organ systems (nervous, immune, humoral systems) , different disorders, emotional problems, elimination of bad habits; it can be crucial in passing through hard periods in life. Making protection for yourself and others , programming energies, making talismans and many other things can be done through meditation.

IMT- Integral Meditative Technique

IMT emphasizes connecting general and specific meditations, so they can be practiced together.
Goal is to consciously achieve the eternal state of Reality ( ‘I am Reality’ , ‘I am the Absolute’ , ‘ I am THAT ’ ) This is what is called Enlightenment or self-realization.'Nirvana'  is term often used in the East. Buddhists also call it 'awakening' (bodhi, kensho, satori),in India Hinduists use term moksha (spiritual salvation). In Christianity it is called salvation.
In IMT meditation developing of consciousness takes place by addressing the Absolute (Reality, Universe, God) with a prayer , as this is an act of greatest mercy given to man at the base of which is transcendence of processes rooted in the duality of mind .
Meditation is consciously redirection attention inwards, to our true Being. Through consciously utilizing mind, we become able to influence the main flows: 
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