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 Meditation Classes

"Developing Leader Awareness Program"
During individual class of Meditation, your teacher is meditating with you, praying for you, and later pointing on aspects that you should focus on and work on. 
Teacher's support, guidance and understanding makes huge difference : it makes easier for you to initiate spiritual-energetic processes, transcending of mind and helps you on your path of self realization. Simple presence  of the teacher gives you knowledge, heals you and helps you to reach deeper level of meditation, and therefore faster and greater transformation.

Tai Chi & Qigong Classes

             PRIVATE SESSION
 Individual Tai Chi & Qigong classes have advantage of giving you possibility to enjoy relaxing energy exercises with focus on your own needs and challenges.
For example, if you have problems with lower back, teacher will analyze many aspects of your life and your character, then teacher will try to find deeper cause of your problem and lead you through Qiging exercises that are specifically good for healing your lower back, associated organ and chakra,  This individual holistic approach  will help you to regain balance and  find new joy in your life.
It is all about you and your inner smile:)
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