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Reiki is a system for spiritual development and energy healing.

Reiki is intelligent Divine, Universal Life Force that can harmonize Energy Fields of a receiver and can help healing process on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Reiki is Love and therefore is usually practiced by people who have love for themselves and others. It is the path of Love, Heart, Truth and  Forgiveness.

The word Reiki combines "Rei"- divine, miraculous, etheric  and "Ki"- vital energy. 

Ancient cultures believed that everything in  the Universe is alive and has Universal Life Energy. Around the World same concept has different names :  "Ki"(Japan), "Chi (qi)" (China),  "Prana" (India), "Mana" (Polynesia), "Tane" (Hawaii) "Gana" (South America) "Great Spirit" (Native Americans). 

Reiki healing

Reiki healing is very simple and natural way of holistic energy healing.There is nothing mystical about it . Reiki is not a religion or cult. Reiki is not substitute for conventional medicine. It can be used in combination with all other types of healing because it is very safe and doesn't have any contraindications. Even women during pregnancy, babies and children can enjoy receiving Reiki with no limitations.

During the treatment, Reiki practitioner serves as a vessel for Reiki. Healing Energy flows out of the practitioner's body trough the palms, this is why practitioners mainly use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing( touching the recipient's body or just placing palms near body in the air) The receiver usually experiences warmth and security, wonderful radiance and well-being, peace and deep relaxation (Reiki produces lowering of brainwave- frequency to the Alpha level so receiver enjoys sort of spontaneous meditative state or sometimes it can happen that one falls asleep).

It is not uncommon that people have amazing colorful visions or pleasant physical sensations during the session. One should not be fascinated by those experiences or measure the efficiency of the treatment by extraordinary sensations. Reiki works always. It doesn't matter if you can feel it or not, if you believe in Reiki or not. Reiki is powerful intelligent energy and it works immediately.


Since Reiki is Divine Universal Life Energy, we all have Reiki- without it we wouldn't be alive! Anyhow, only by initiation our Reiki channel becomes more open and vibratory attuned with Higher dimensions.

By Reiki initiation, practitioner gets capability to activate powerful flow of Universal Live Energy,to direct it and use it in different ways and for different purposes.

One's power grows progressively depending on the acquired Reiki level( I , II and III- Master Level) but also depending on how often and how truthfully one practices Reiki.

Energy practice and energy empowerment should always be accompanied by spiritual practice. For serious Reiki practitioners, the ultimate spiritual goal and life purpose is to achieve the state called "Anshin Ritsumei" - state of the greatest peace and harmony that exists spontaneously regardless of what is taking place in the outer world( in other cultures called Enlightenment, Salvation, Nirvana, Satori)

Usui Sensei

Mikao Usui is considered to be the founder of Reiki System of Healing . He traveled to Europe and China,he was learning medicine, psychology, religion and metaphysics, but his spiritual story was the most interesting.
Usui was trying to achieve Anshin Ritsumei ,and as he was advised by his Zen teacher, he decided to retreat into the sacred mountain Kurama-yama to practice discipline of prayer and fasting. In March 1922. after 21- day of meditation and severe fastening, the light suddenly entered his mind. He experienced himself as being the energy and consciousness of the Universe.The special state of Enlightenment he had sought for so long had been given to him. He also realized that he had received the amazing gift of healing.
Soon, Mikao Usui moved to Tokyo and set up healing society "Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai" to teach Reiki Ryoho( Reiki method for healing ) and give treatments.
Usui Sensei always emphasized the importance of living according to Gokai -five Reiki principles:
                              "Just for today
                               Don't get angry,
                               Don't worry,
                               Be grateful,
                               Work diligently,
                               Be kind to others."
These simple instructions  are often overlooked, but they are core of Reiki spiritual path. As Usui used to say, Gokai is "the secret process of achieving  bliss and it is wondrous cure for all diseases".
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