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Scalar Waves

Science and faith are always considerate to be opposite to each other, but they are not. Both try to give answers to fundamental questions of existence and understand its essence and laws. We all should know more about scalar waves (Tesla waves, torsion waves) and scalar energy. It could give us the incomprehensible possibilities of self-healing and heling, spiritual development, and who knows how much it can help us as source of powerful clean energy, if we learn to use it in the right way... Although primordial and omnipresent since the emergence of the Universe, scalar energy is a newly discovered form of energy in the contemporary world. Nikola Tesla experimentally proved the existence of scalar energy. The possibility of producing and using scalar energy was lost by Tesla’s death and it took almost a century for science to re-discover it and learn about the existence of scalar energy and its miraculous and almost unlimited potential. Scalar wave is a spiral non-Hertzian electromagnetic wave that travels through a vacuum with a superluminal velocity (faster than the light). Due to its spiral nature, the wave is also called a torsional wave, as it leaves a spiral trail. Non-Hertzian means it does not obey and does not fit into the classic wave theory as defined by Maxwell and Hertz. Scalar waves arise by the interaction of two coherent electromagnetic waves of the same frequency and the opposite direction. In addition, the resulting energy field generated by interpenetration of opposing electromagnetic fields is not their sweeping off or repulsion but rather transformation of energy into the state of potential, and the creation of the so-called “scalar field”. Interesting thing about scalar waves: 1. Scalar waves are a particular form of existence of energy, have their own quantum foundation and represent a considerably richer form of energy vibration from the Hertzian waves. 2. Our standard electromagnetic waves have wavelengths and frequencies measured in Hertz (Hz).Scalar energy, on the other hand, is a static, "stationary" energy that has no frequency and cannot be measured in Hertz (Hz) like electromagnetic waves. It represents a very special and unique form of energy and scientists are now at the beginning of understanding and recognition of its importance and its extraordinary possibilities. Scalar waves are currently outside our measuring and perceptual range. Their origin, quality, structure, and specific (revolutionary) properties are quite different from the known Hertzian (Hz) waves. Their form is different as well - the scalar wave propagates as the Möbius template, which reflects on the axis to infinity. 3. Unlike the usual electromagnetic waves (the Hertzian waves whose characteristic is that their intensity decreases with distance), the intensity of the scalar waves increases with distance from the source! And thus they defy the known laws of physics (!) 4. Scalar energy behaves more like a field than a wave and has a tendency to fill up the space in which it extends. 5. It is able to pass through all the solid matter without losing its intensity. Nothing can stop scalar waves. They spread out and go through all the known materials - wood, metal, rubber, concrete, leather, laboratory, newly-formed contemporary materials ... And even the famous Faradey cage has no effect on the scalar energy distribution! 7. Scalar waves are spiral-torsion waves that move through ether a billion times faster than light. Science has proven that torsion waves are information carriers and are linked to human consciousness, and can be created by human thought and human emotions. This means we can tap into this powerful source of energy by prayer or meditation(!) You can simply meditate: “May scalar energy constitutes in my body”. Scalar energy is an intelligent energy that contains the information or "instructions" of the Universe. The whole Universe is connected to a matrix of the scalar energy system, which enables the instant communication of all thoughts, emotions and physical matter in the universe. 9. Scalar energy is healing energy, and many people with its help have overcome severe emotional and psychological problems that have tormented them for years. Scalar energy can affect our DNA, that is, scalar energy treatment can change the information in the DNA chain. In humans scalar energy allows rapid regeneration of the body, especially after physical injuries. At the same time, the use of these waves in remote treatment explains its effectiveness as their effect increases with distance. 10. There are some conspiracy theories that suggest scalar waves technology have already been used to produce powerful destructive weapons, HAARP, affect climate etc. It is always up to us to decide how we want to use knowledge, potentials and sources: to create,nourish,heal,develope or to destroy, damage,exploit and deceive. Every day, every moment we are making that decision( on individual level and on global level- as a civilization) “May the force be with you”

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